6 Weeks to Lean

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Lose 10-20 lbs of Stubborn Fat

Drop a Pant Size & Multiple Inches

Gain More Energy for You & Your Family

Become Healthy, Happy & Confident

Create Life Changing Results

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Ready for Your 6 Week Transformation

At Fortitude Fitness, we continue to refine our process and help members lose 30-60 lbs and more. Our research has proven that the first 21 days are the most critical for our members’ success. 

Within the first three weeks, we will quickly build the foundation to align you with your long term goals and experience LIFE CHANGING results with our system of Fitness, Nutrition & Support.  

We are here to help you RAPIDLY lose weight, tone up your entire body and get you in the best shape ever. More importantly, you’ll become Healthier, Happy and Confident in all aspects of your life. 

Over the past two years, we have helped countless  People Just LIKE YOU. By combining fun & intense training sessions along with a comprehensive nutrition plan and a supportive & judge free environment, we will produce the results you want! 


What You’ll Get:

Six Weeks of Group Personal Training 

Nutritional Consultation and Coaching 

Goal Setting Consultation and Tools to Track Your Progress 

Body Fat Analysis, Weight & Measurements 

Daily Accountability & Unparalleled Support 

Become Part of Our Fit-Family! 






“Over the past two years, we’ve consistently helped adults lose 30-60 lbs , conquer years of PAIN, EMOTIONAL STRESS & SELF-DOUBT!” – Michael Davis, Owner and Head Trainer

We Look Forward to Showcasing Your Results!

*Valid for new members and inactive members beyond 90 days only. Results vary.